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The largest curated directory of free and no-code tools and resources to launch, boost and accelerate your project or startup

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    Access over +1000 tools

    We have invested plenty of days in creating, organizing and classifying this database in Airtable. So you can access it, and focus on what is important in your startup: generating business.

    All the tools are organized by categories so you can find what you want fast. We have also included tags to narrow down your search even more. 

    Startuping - more than 1000 tools
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    More than 75% of the tools are FREE

    We know that launching a project is tough and there are plenty of costs. That is whay more than 75% of the tools on the list are free.
    Also many of them are no-code, so you don't really need programming knowledge to use them.

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    Save your time

    When discovering these tools we had many "Oh boy, had I met you sooner" moments!

    We want to share them with you. 

    You will truly accelerate your startup processes, finding the tool you need within our categories.

    Startuping - time management

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Because it will save you time and money!

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    Save time, money, and people hours with our tools selection

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    Access an exclusive network of Startuping members

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    Boost your startup with the best tools for each phase

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A small sample of the directory

Web airtable

Some of the categories

Almost 50 categories to search the tools and resources

  • Analytics

    Because information is power, choose your best tool to create dashboards and analytical capacity.

  • CRM

    Manage all your clients within the same platform. Email tracking, sales funnels...

  • Automation

    Automate your processes with logic and precision. Connect and integrate platforms without effort.

  • CMS

    Build and manage your web or ecommerce with the cheapest and easiest no code platforms

  • Mockups & Wireframe

    To build that MVP, you have to design it first

  • Customer support

    Tools to listen, connect, and earn loyalty among your customers


  • Who is Startuping for?

    For the tall, for the short, for the sales rep, for the developers, marketers, CMOs, data analysts and scientists, CEOs, designers, for the COOs, UX experts, even for the finance guy... Of course, they have to be lively individuals eager to learn and use new tools.

    Anyone that works in a startup, or in a project. Big or small.

  • What are the advantages?

    Tools are categorized, timely cured and carefuly selected.

    We know that an already built solution is 99% of the time the best way to move forward instead of creating it from scratch. 

    What CRM should I use and at what price level? What wireframing tools are there available? What customer service free tool will boost my ecommerce conversions?

    These are a few of the questions that the list answers.

  • What about that Startuping members exclusive club?

    We know that an important part of launching the project is networking.

    Also many of you have asked for a group where you can interact and generate synergies with other startups or entrepreneurs!

  • What did you create this for?

    Oh, thanks for asking! During years we have been compiling lists of tools that were mentioned in masters, courses, and webinars we attended.

    After a lot of research online, and much solution seeking, we have decided to share our knowledge and help many entrepreneurs go from A to B faster and with less headaches.

  • Why +1000 tools and resources?

    There is an ocean of tools out there! Startuping is your boat to sail amongst them, allowing you to know what options you have to improve your project or boost some department in your startup.

    Less tools may cause you to be short in some specific areas, and with +1000 you can cover many more startup specific needs.

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